Completion Center Closes after Two-year Struggle

 - February 2, 2007, 4:06 AM

When founder Dale Dunn announced the formation of DunnAir Business Jet Completion Center in Tucson, Ariz., in 2004, the expectation was that it would employ as many as 600 workers, many from a pool of skilled labor Bombardier left behind when it moved out of its leased hangar at Tucson International Airport. DunnAir officially opened for business in February 2005, but now the hangar again sits empty, the phones disconnected. No one from DunnAir was available for comment. Bombardier remains obligated for the $285,000 annual lease of the land and the hangar for the next 18 years. Both Bombardier and the Tucson Airport Authority would like to find a new tenant. According to Jim Garcia, senior director of business development for the airport authority, DunnAir had been using only two bays in the hangar but was paying $108,000 a month to rent the entire facility and had been experiencing financial difficulties.