STC Awarded for Falcon 50 Engine Upgrade

 - February 2, 2007, 4:04 AM

Premier Aircraft of East Alton, Ill., received an STC for its engine upgrade program for the Falcon 50, expected to result in improved performance and better fuel specifics. The program will convert the original Falcon 50 TFE731-3 engine to a TFE731-4 to provide the “Falcon 50-4” with longer range, increased hot-and-high performance, better climb capability and higher cruise thrust than the basic aircraft, according to Premier Aircraft. In addition, the modified aircraft meets Stage 4 noise limitations. “An incentive program of $50,000 [off the standard price] for early adopters is down to two slots,” Premier Aircraft president Jim Swehla told AIN. The price is $2.3 million for non-MSP aircraft. For an operator whose aircraft is on MSP (which is the majority of the fleet), pricing is “significantly reduced,” the company said. Loaner engines will be available to reduce downtime to “as little as 14 days.”