Lockheed Asks FAA To Issue JetStar ADs

 - February 6, 2007, 10:54 AM

As the maintenance paperwork trail on the Lockheed JetStar has wound its way from the Atlanta manufacturer to the FAA’s Transport Aircraft Certification branch in Seattle, the owners of the four dozen or so JetStars still flying worldwide are trying to figure out whether or not they actually have a problem on their hands. Lockheed’s post production support manager, Herb O’Connell, told AIN that the maker of the 50-year-old quad-jet has found cracking of flap tracks, empennage attach bolts and other parts worrisome enough to warrant a recommendation to the FAA to upgrade the current series of service bulletins to ADs. Meanwhile, JetStar owners are demanding access to the data Lockheed used to make the recommendation, but the company has said the information is in the hands of the FAA and confidential. O’Connell told AIN that increased inspection frequency of parts was not an option, but he was unclear about whether Lockheed concerns warranted an emergency AD.