Hazmat Training Rules Revised

 - February 12, 2007, 5:49 AM

Part 135 on-demand operators and Part 145 repair stations will soon be
affected by revised hazardous materials transportation training requirements. The amended regulations apply to both “will carry” and “will not carry” Part 135 operators, as well as repair stations providing services to those operators. The rules go into effect November 7, but certificate holders have until Feb. 7, 2007, to comply. In the interim, operators can continue to comply with the existing rules or may opt to begin complying with the new rules any time before Feb. 7, 2007. The National Air Transportation Association said several of its concerns with the proposed rulemaking have been addressed, though the association is still “very concerned that the FAA failed to permit non-training persons to assist in the loading of an aircraft when under the direct supervision of a training crewmember.” This change from current regulations has the “potential to cause significant difficulties for Part 135 operators.”