Citation Makes Emergency Landing after Flameout

 - February 16, 2007, 6:18 AM

A University of North Dakota (UND) Citation II research jet made an emergency landing near Beaver, Alaska, on September 30 after both engines flamed out at 9,200 feet msl in clouds. Unable to accomplish an airstart, pilot Paul DeHardy “maneuvered the aircraft to a successful emergency landing 70 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska.” None of the four crewmembers, one of whom is a researcher with Sikorsky Aircraft, sustained injuries. UND said the mission involved certifying a helicopter in icing conditions when the engines quit. “Given the weather conditions and the formidable terrain in Alaska, the safe landing without injury was a remarkable display of airmanship on the part of the pilot,” said Bruce Smith, dean of UND’s Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences. The NTSB is investigating the event.