First Eclipses Go to DayJet, Performance Data Released

 - April 3, 2007, 12:35 PM

Eclipse Aviation delivered to DayJet its first three Eclipse 500 VLJs on March 31, bringing Eclipse’s delivery total to five. While its airplanes await a third ADAHRS for Part 135 operations, DayJet is using its initial deliveries to train pilots for air-taxi services. Eclipse also released draft section 5 of the Eclipse 500 AFM, for the final configuration with aerodynamic mods, aluminum tip tanks and Avio NG avionics. At maximum takeoff weight of 5,995 pounds and ISA, takeoff distance to 50 feet is 2,342 feet; time to climb to FL350 21.8 minutes and FL410 32.7 minutes; and NBAA IFR range with four occupants, 1,130+ nm. At 5,500 pounds and ISA, speed reaches 368 ktas at FL350 and drops to 327 ktas at FL410. These data, Eclipse noted, “are very conservative and have yet to be optimized. Specifically, the data on field performance and initial rates of climb are highly preliminary and have yet to be optimized, as they have not yet been fully tested.”