Does Market Analysis Suggest New Piaggio Bizjet?

 - April 18, 2007, 5:19 AM

Forecast International, a provider of market intelligence, has been engaged by a “world-ranked aircraft manufacturer” to evaluate the market for a new business jet. In the online survey, an artist’s concept depicts a light/medium twinjet with a remarkable resemblance to the Avanti II turboprop twin from Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio. The similarities include the windshield panels, the vertical tail, pinched cone at the trailing edge of the fairing between the horizontal and vertical tail surfaces. The online survey describes the airplane as a light-medium, eight-passenger airplane, priced at under $11 million, with a max range of 2,300 nautical miles. It also said consideration was being given to a six- to nine-passenger light-jet version, and a 10-passenger medium variant. Asked if the survey signaled a new business jet from Piaggio, a spokesman for Forecast International declined to reveal the customer’s identity. Piaggio representatives have consistently been reluctant to discuss plans for a new airplane, admitting only that the Genoa-based manufacturer is “considering its options” and in the meantime focusing on the Avanti program.