Pilot of Crashed Sikorsky S-76C Recovering

 - April 25, 2007, 9:12 AM

Mark Schaberg, one of the pilots of MBNA’s Sikorsky S-76C that crashed into New York City’s East River near 42nd Street on Friday, was released from the hospital yesterday and is “resting comfortably at home,” according to a company spokesman. Schaberg was the most seriously injured of the eight people on board–which included another pilot and six top executives, one of whom was the CEO of the Delaware-based company. N317M, a 1996 Turbomeca-powered version of the twin-turbine helicopter, crashed into the river and went inverted moments after taking off from the 34th Street Heliport. The NTSB is investigating the accident. The company said a second S-76 that was scheduled to fly MBNA executives from the heliport to Delaware that day was grounded after the accident. Meanwhile, the Safety Board continues its investigation of the crash of another helicopter into the East River just three days before the S-76 accident. In a preliminary report published yesterday, the NTSB said it confirmed throttle and flight control continuity, as well as fuel type and quantity in the 1977 Bell 206L that went into the East River as it was taking off from New York City’s Wall Street Heliport on June 14. The pilot and five passengers received minor injuries in the crash of the sightseeing helicopter, operated by Helicopter Flight Services. A sixth passenger was seriously injured in the crash.