FAA: GPS Concerns Not an Issue

 - May 31, 2007, 11:18 AM

Much ado about nothing is essentially what the FAA is saying about a story that broke this week regarding the validity of using GPS and FMS units after a supposedly new policy was issued in March. AOPA initially responded to AC 90-100A by saying that it, in combination with new language in the Aeronautical Information Manual and new compliance tables, disallowed thousands of GPS units for DME and ADF substitution, as well as en route and terminal navigation. “A total misunderstanding,” an FAA spokeswoman told AIN. According to the agency, AOPA misinterpreted the AC and other guidance, and GPS units can be used as if nothing has changed. AOPA doesn’t agree. Randy Kenagy, the association’s senior director of strategic planning, said that the issue is still not resolved, though, “The FAA has been very responsive.”