Last Chance to Comment on Medical Certificate Duration

 - June 7, 2007, 12:25 PM

Monday is the final day to comment on a proposed rule published by the FAA that, if enacted, would extend the duration of first- and third-class medical certificates for airmen under the age of 40. Currently, the maximum validity of a first-class medical certificate is six months, regardless of age. For a third-class medical certificate, the validity period is 36 months for pilots under 40. For this age group only, the FAA wants to increase the duration of validity for first-class medical certificates to one year and for third-class medicals to five years. Currently there are 18 comments in the docket, not all of which are in favor of the change. However, by and large, commenters like the idea of reducing FAA paperwork and backlog and argued that the two-pilot crew gives enough of a safety factor to allow for a year between medical reviews. NBAA told AIN it plans to comment in support of the proposal.