Rolls-Royce Reveals New Engine Line

 - June 20, 2007, 11:39 AM

Rolls-Royce revealed exclusively to AIN details of an entirely new series of two-shaft engines under development to power business jets and large regional aircraft. The UK company, fresh from its success in winning the competition to power Dassault’s next new business jet, said the aircraft is only the first in a series of potential applications. “We’re working on a family of engines producing between 6,000 and 20,000 pounds thrust,” said Ian Aitken, Rolls-Royce’s corporate and regional aircraft president. The first application is the 10,000-pound-thrust powerplant for the Dassault aircraft, which will, said Aitken, be run in 2009 and certified “probably in 2011.” Features include a forward-swept fan taken from the bigger three-shaft Trent and an extremely advanced core based around components that have already been tested. Details of the new Dassault business jet remain scant. However, the aircraft is known to be sized between the Falcon 50 and Falcon 2000 and to be outfitted with two 10,000-pound-thrust engines to provide particularly strong performance to the top of climb.