New Limits Placed on Marquis Jet Cards

 - July 23, 2007, 10:53 AM

Holders of the Marquis Jet Card will have new restrictions requiring that they book flights further in advance during peak travel times due to unexpected growth in flying hours by NetJets share owners over the last year, according to NetJets chairman Richard Santulli. Marquis flights are operated under Part 135 by NetJets, or NetJets-approved charter operators, and Marquis owns about 10 percent of the NetJets’ fleet. Santulli told AIN that NetJets is flying about 20 percent more than expected year-to-date and that’s putting “significant pressure on [NetJets’] fleet.” To relieve this pressure during peak travel periods, which results in delays and using outside charter aircraft, several new rules will go into effect. Starting next Wednesday (June 1), Marquis card holders will have to book five days in advance (one more day than the current requirement) to travel on peak days, which are being increased to between 15 and 20 days per year, versus 10 days for NetJets shareowners. To prevent the “tremendous influx” of card purchases just before peak period days, Marquis owners wishing to fly in a peak period must own the card 60 days in advance. Card holders will also no longer be guaranteed their selected airplane model on peak days, rather only one in its size group. Finally, “On peak travel days we will also have the right to move a [card holder’s] trip three hours either way,” Santulli said. “What we’re trying to do is manage our demand and know what it is going into the peak travel days better than we did last year.”