Congress Passes Comprehensive Security Bill

 - August 2, 2007, 12:06 PM

Congress last week passed a far-reaching security bill that deals with both cargo and general aviation security, among other things. The bill, “Improving America’s Security Act of 2007,” marks a major change in how cargo will be screened. According to the bill, within three years the Department of Homeland Security “shall establish a system to screen all cargo transported on passenger aircraft operated by an air carrier or foreign air carrier in air transportation or intrastate air transportation.” According to NBAA, the bill also “requires the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to develop and implement a security threat and vulnerability assessment program for general aviation airports within one year; directs the TSA to conduct a feasibility study about providing federal grants on a threat risk-basis to general aviation airports to upgrade local security programs; and requires the TSA to develop an advanced passenger information submittal system for all passengers and crew on foreign-registered general aviation aircraft inbound to the U.S.” The legislation was presented to the President yesterday.