DHS To Stiffen GA Security Standards

 - September 11, 2007, 11:08 AM

Government officials continue to shine a spotlight on general aviation security. Testifying last week before the House Committee on Homeland Security, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff said his department would soon unveil a plan to tighten security standards for general aviation aircraft (read: business airplanes) entering the country from overseas. Today, six years to the day after 9/11, the DHS issued a notice of proposed rulemaking outlining new passenger-screening requirements for private aircraft entering and departing the U.S. “These proposed requirements would bring private aircraft into closer alignment with the passenger-screening requirements that currently apply to commercial air carriers,” he said, “and allow inspectors more time to fully pre-screen travelers and crews and take necessary actions to resolve threats.” According to Chertoff, the DHS is also considering some additional regulations regarding the vetting of flight crews on private aircraft, which could go beyond aircraft arriving from international destinations.