NTSB Wants Changes to CitationJet Trim System

 - September 13, 2007, 11:33 AM

The NTSB today issued several recommendations to the FAA regarding the Cessna Citation 525's trim system. These actions likely stem from the June 4 fatal crash of a Citation II after the pilot reported a “trim runaway” since the CitationJet has a similar trim system. Specifically, the NTSB wants the CitationJet to incorporate an aural trim-in-motion warning and the addition of contrasting color bands on the pitch trim wheel to provide the pilot with more timely recognition of a runaway trim condition. The Safety Board also wants Cessna to demonstrate that the maximum control forces in the CitationJet meet Part 23 certification requirements during a pitch-trim runaway condition. If the airplane can't meet these requirements, the NTSB is pushing the FAA to require Cessna to make modifications so the CitationJet does comply. Finally, the NTSB would like Cessna to replace the pitch-trim circuit breaker on the Citation 525 with a collared circuit breaker to aid the pilot in quickly identifying it if necessary.