Snecma Polishing Silvercrest for NBAA

 - September 18, 2007, 12:03 PM

Snecma plans to unveil a mock-up of its 9,500- to 12,000-pound-thrust Silvercrest engine, as well as divulge more details about the project, at the NBAA Convention in Atlanta next week. The French engine manufacturer also confirmed that it will run a Silvercrest core engine in the fourth quarter. Typical applications for Snecma’s first fully homegrown business aircraft powerplant will be super-midsize to large-cabin jets with an mtow between 45,000 and 60,000 pounds, though the company has yet to sign a launch customer for Silvercrest. Snecma began the project in February last year to develop a turbofan that will bring “spectacular advances” in performance, reliability and environmental friendliness over current-generation engines in its thrust class. Specifically, Snecma’s goals are a 15-percent lower fuel burn, 20-percent improvement in climb thrust, 50-percent NOx margin versus CAEP6 and about 25 dB less than current Stage III noise standards. Program launch is expected next summer, with certification planned in the 2011 time frame.