NBAA Convention News

Mx software keeps records straight

 - September 20, 2007, 10:59 AM

Tdata, Inc., (Booth No. 4523) is offering demonstrations of its maintenance reference library and software tools for aviation maintenance technicians. The company’s annual regulation library on CD contains one of the world’s largest databases of Airworthiness Directives. In addition, the CD includes a searchable listing of all maintenance-related FARs, maintenance Advisory Circulars, STCs and thousands of AD-related Service Bulletins and letters, according to David Toomey, Tdata operations manager.

Tdata recently updated its MTrax Maintenance Tracking software, billing it as an easy-to-use but powerful tool for staying on top of maintenance tasks. Two new software releases, FleetReporter and iTrax Inventory Tracking, are being demonstrated at the company’s booth. FleetReporter allows MTrax files to be organized into “fleets” to make reporting easy and convenient. The iTrax Inventory Tracking program provides the ability to track inventory items including serialized and life-limited consumables. The software makes it possible to specify the condition of serialized parts to ensure their use in the order that best fits an operation.

Another tool, Tdata AirTrax, is an accounting management program for aviation maintenance operations. It will ease processing of orders, create work cards and sales quotes, track and report sales and produce invoices.