NBAA Convention News

CMC has new EFVS, EFB and FMS

 - September 24, 2007, 1:26 PM

CMC Electronics (Booth No. 7433) has announced three new products–an enhanced flight vision system (EFVS), an electronic flight bag (EFB) and a new flight management system (FMS).

CMC’s second-generation SureSight CMA-2600 I-Series integrated sensor system for EFVS offers enhanced image processing and optics and wave-band filtering. Rockwell Collins has selected it for the Bombardier enhanced-vision system on the Challenger 605. SureSight CMA-2600 is currently used on systems aboard the Bombardier Global Express and the Dassault Falcon 2000 EASy.

Rockwell Collins has selected the company’s new class-2 PilotView touch-screen EFB for use on systems aboard the Bombardier Global Express and Global Express XRS. The EFB’s electronic display unit is portable and allows flight crews to formulate flight plans off the aircraft.

Pentastar Aviation (Booth No. 3351) has been granted supplemental type certificate (STC) approval to install CMC’s PilotView on the Dassault Falcon 50, 90 and 900EX and Bombardier Learjet 45 series aircraft. Pentastar previously obtained STC approval to install the EFBs in numerous models of Astra, Falcon, Gulfstream and Westwind aircraft.

CMC also announced that its CMA-9000 FMS was chosen for retrofit on six Piaggio P-166-DP1s operated by Italy’s border patrol. The GPS-based CMA-9000 is part of the communications navigation identification architecture provided by Selex Communications.