NBAA Convention News

Florida firm to service Avanti

 - September 26, 2007, 3:28 PM

With the addition of new partners, the Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aero (Booth No. 3717) is increasing its U.S. presence, and in particular its commitment to customer support in the North American market.

This week at NBAA’07 the company announced it has selected Aero Precision Repair and Overhaul (A-Pro) of Deerfield Beach, Fla., to provide overhaul and repair services for Piaggio’s Avanti II twin-turboprop business aircraft.

A-Pro will service landing gear and various other structural components of the Avanti II. Piaggio America director of customer support Chris Grinnell said the company’s maintenance program “will greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience that A-Pro brings in repair services.”

Also at NBAA, Piaggio said it has formed a partnership with aviation services provider Landmark Aviation (Booth No. 5365) of Winston-Salem, N.C., to be its newest authorized service center, providing convenient service to Avanti owners in the U.S. Southeast region.

Finally, Piaggio has formed a partnership with aircraft components manufacturer Nordam Group (Booth No. 8221) of Tulsa, Okla., to provide executive/VIP interiors for the Avanti II. Deliveries of the new interiors in kit form will begin in early 2008. Initial installation of the kits has tentatively been contracted to the Jet Works Air Center in Denton, Texas.

The interiors will feature, among other improvements, LED upwash/downwash lighting, redesigned passenger service units, cabinetry, side ledges and lavatory module, as well as a wide range of trim and finish materials.

Sino Europe Picks Avanti IIs

Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aero (Booth No. 3717) announced the sale of three Avanti II twin-turboprop business aircraft to Sino Europe Aircraft in a deal valued at more than $21 million.

Sino Europe Aircraft, through its association with Beijing PanAm International Aviation Academy, is promoting, operating and servicing the Avanti II in the Asian market.

“We contacted all major business aircraft manufacturers and went through a year-long comparison before coming to this [acquisition] decision,” said Sino Europe managing director Lin ZhiYun. “Thanks to its unique design and characteristics, we feel the Avanti II is the most ideal aircraft for our applications.”

The first Avanti II is scheduled to be delivered in the second quarter of 2008 and will go into service with the government in a search-and-rescue role. The other two aircraft are to be delivered in 2009 to Beijing PanAm Aviation Academy. The aircraft will be used for Part 135 charter operations as well as in for training.

The academy runs what it describes as the first program in China to adopt an advanced Euro/American style teaching and operational training syllabus. The academy program meets both CCAR Part 141 and CCAR Part 91 requirements, which correspond to EASA JAR and the U.S. Part 141 and Part 91.

The Avanti II received EASA and FAA certification in 2005 and is scheduled to receive Civil Aviation Authority of China certification in next year’s first half.