FAA: Runway Overruns Are Preventable

 - November 20, 2007, 10:47 AM

The FAA has issued an advisory circular for pilots and operators of turbine-powered airplanes to identify, understand and mitigate risks associated with runway overruns during landing. According to FAA and NTSB data, runway overruns during landing account for about 10 incidents or accidents every year, with many accidents resulting in fatalities. “A review of runway overrun events indicates that most occur due to either a lack of or nonadherence to standard operating procedures,” the FAA said. “These events continue to occur despite efforts by the FAA and industry.” Hazards that increase the risk of a runway overrun include a nonstabilized approach; excess airspeed; landing beyond the intended touchdown point; and failure to assess required landing distance to account for contaminated runway conditions or any other changed conditions existing at the time of landing. Any combination of these hazards aggravates the risk; for example, just 10 knots of excess airspeed while landing on a wet runway can add as much as 500 feet to the landing distance, and an extended flare (floating) could add another 2,500 feet.