BLR King Air Winglets Flying Off the Shelf

 - December 18, 2007, 11:51 AM

Everett, Wash.-based BLR Aerospace late last week received two record-breaking sales for its King Air winglet systems from Elliott Aviation and Cutter Aviation. Both companies placed separate 90-shipset orders, effectively consuming BLR’s entire production capacity of King Air winglets for the next two years. According to BLR, its winglet systems for the King Air 90, 200 and 300 series provide several performance benefits, including cruise speed increased by three to five knots, about 4 percent less fuel burn and 300 to 400 fpm more rate of climb. Additional claimed enhancements include reduced drag, improved handling qualities and easier climbs to the aircraft’s FL350 service ceiling. “The BLR winglet system greatly enhances the capabilities and performance of King Airs and, when combined with our RVSM offering, enables these aircraft to climb faster and fly higher and safer,” said Elliott chairman and CEO Wynn Elliott. BLR has delivered more than 100 of its King Air winglet shipsets and is now expanding sales and distribution to Europe, where installation of EASA-approved winglets is already under way. The King Air 200/300 series winglets cost $54,950 (uninstalled), and the winglets for the 90 series, which are expected to be STC’d in May, are priced at $39,950 (uninstalled).