Cessna Columbus To Employ Fly-by-wire Technology

 - March 6, 2008, 12:04 PM

Cessna announced today that the Citation Columbus 850 large-cabin business jet will employ “hybrid” fly-by-wire technology for the flight controls, using a system designed by Parker Aerospace. Parker is responsible for designing and manufacturing primary and secondary flight controls and high-lift, stabilizer trim and speed brake controls. The hybrid FBW system consists of hydraulic control actuators “electrically commanded based on pilot and avionics inputs,” according to Cessna, and “support enhanced aircraft performance by allowing improved pilot handling and ride quality. Aircraft safety benefits can be realized with improved envelope warning and protection functions, and control redundancy.” When Cessna revealed details of the new large-cabin Citation Columbus 850 a month ago, senior vice president of engineering David Brant hinted at something along these lines when he said, “We’re working on some things that are innovative in control technologies that we can’t expand upon today, but as these technologies develop we will be implementing them when they reach the maturity level that we can.” Meanwhile, Cessna today also secured its first multiple order for the Columbus, with Pullman, Wash.-based Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories signing for two of the large-cabin Citations.