ATA Reasserts that Bizjets Don’t Pay ‘Fair Share’

 - March 20, 2008, 10:17 AM

The Air Transport Association (ATA) contends that the recently issued DOT Inspector General report on National Airspace System usage proves the airline trade group’s assertion that business jets aren’t paying their “fair share.” ATA said the report’s findings “confirm what airlines have long been saying: that business jets are being subsidized by airlines and their customers. Business jets are also significant contributors to air traffic congestion, especially in busy metropolitan areas.” According to ATA, “The DOT IG report points clearly to the need for an equitable, cost-based funding system to properly modernize our ATC system and to prevent gridlock in the skies,” meaning the user-fee system being pushed in the Bush Administration’s proposed FAA reauthorization bill. Meanwhile, GA groups have been relatively silent on both the DOT IG report and ATA’s renewed assertions. NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen last week secured a meeting with the DOT IG to discuss the study. “While we have several questions regarding the report, our understanding of what it says is very much at odds with some of the assertions that have been made about it,” Bolen said.