Garmin Introduces Synthetic-vision System

 - April 8, 2008, 9:40 AM

Garmin announced yesterday that it has received FAA supplemental type certification for a synthetic-vision system it is incorporating into the G1000 cockpit. Called SVT (synthetic vision technology), the upgrade uses GPS-derived aircraft position and internal topographical databases to create 3-D images on the G1000’s large XGA displays. Garmin said SVT presents terrain and obstacles that pose a threat to the aircraft in TAWS alert coloring and that TCAS-like traffic targets on the display change in size relative to range. SVT also incorporates highway-in-the-sky (HITS) guidance cues that depict “flying rectangles” showing the intended course. The system uses GPS and ILS signals to draw the HITS boxes, which pilots can toggle on or off using a menu softkey. Cessna and Diamond Aircraft were the first aircraft makers to publicly commit to the technology. Cessna said SVT will be added first to the Citation Mustang as an option later this year and as an option for all other G1000 models within a year. Diamond is offering SVT to buyers of the DA40 piston single at a price of less than $10,000. Garmin said SVT is also expected to be available to buyers of the G1000 King Air C90 cockpit retrofit next year.