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FAA Approves Honeywell SVS Database Update Process

 - May 20, 2008, 4:42 AM

Touted as an industry first, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has given Honeywell the same authority to update its synthetic-vision system (SVS) database as it allows for updates of the company’s navigation database. The DO-200A letter of acceptance allowing the avionics maker to update its own terrain and obstacle database will speed the procedure for loading new SVS software and eliminate the need for future certification requirements, Honeywell said.

DO-200A is a set of governmental standards covering aeronautical data processing. Accuracy and integrity are two cornerstones of the standards, areas that Honeywell believes it has unique qualification given the fact that its enhanced ground proximity warning system has been validated during more than 800 million flight hours in the last 12 years aboard dozens of aircraft types. Honeywell supplies the SV-PFD software certified in Gulfstream’s top models. The terrain database behind SV-PFD “is the industry leader in terms of accuracy, particularly in the important area around airports,” claimed TK Kallenbach, vice president of marketing and program management for Honeywell, adding that it has “the highest terrain resolution used in any SVS system on the market.”