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Hawker 12-month check performed via CD-ROM

 - June 18, 2008, 11:43 AM

Gulfstream Aerospace in Appleton, Wis., recently conducted the first complete logbook review for an aircraft maintenance inspection using AirLog Imaging aircraft records on CD-ROM. The procedure was a 12-month/600-hr inspection on a Hawker 800XP owned by U.S. Filter of Palm Springs, Calif.

AirLog takes the boxloads of maintenance paperwork that an aircraft generates and digitizes every single document onto CD-ROM for quick location and viewing using AirLog’s software program. The digitized records are word-searchable for quick research, allowing the maintenance technician to locate current and historical maintenance information about the aircraft in seconds, according to AirLog.

Gulfstream’s Mark Traxler was the first maintenance technician to use the CD-ROM containing digitized aircraft records. Comparing the paper and CD-ROM methods for reviewing the volumes of documents associated with a thorough inspection, Traxler said, “We could not find some information using the conventional means for records research, but with the ability to search using the CD, we found everything right there.” U.S. Filter has placed its fleet on the AirLog program.

AirLog co-founder and president Mike Head said, “It’s exciting to be able to provide the solution to a long-standing aviation problem.” Cost of the AirLog system varies, depending on the volume of data to be digitized. Treatment of the first “bankers box” (18 by 12 by 12 in., which can hold up to 2,500 pieces of paper) costs $3,900. Each subsequent box costs $2,000.