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GIV-SP, GV reach dispatch reliability milestones

 - June 20, 2008, 5:02 AM

Gulfstream Aerospace announced that its Gulfstream IV-SP has achieved a 99.6-percent dispatch reliability rate over the past year, while the GV dispatch rate is now exceeding 99 percent. The fleet of GIVs, GIV-SPs and GVs comprises some 551 in-service aircraft, and the GIV fleet alone recently passed a cumulative total of 1.5-million in-flight hours and exceeded a fleet total of 770,000 landings. As of June 30, the 117 ultra-long-range GVs in service had accumulated a total of 109,843 flight hours and a total of 51,163 landings. According to the company’s fleet statistics records, as of September 17, the 1,089 Gulfstreams of all models in service had flown close to nine million flight hours.