NBAA Convention News

$2.2M Javelin collecting orders

 - June 30, 2008, 9:56 AM

In a unique approach to corporate transportation, Englewood, Colo.-based Aviation Technology Group (ATG) has introduced a two-place executive jet called the Javelin, a full-scale mockup of which can be seen at Booth No. 1421.

The company has already accepted more than a dozen $25,000 refundable deposits–at least two here at NBAA ’02–for the $2.2 million aircraft. First deliveries are scheduled for the last quarter of 2005.

Two Williams International FJ33-4 engines, scheduled for certification by the Javelin’s first flight, are estimated to propel the aircraft at 0.96 M for a 1,500 nm-range at a direct operating cost of $0.78 per mile or $407.12 per hour. Stall speed is estimated at 95 kt.

“We have completed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and two wind tunnel tests on one-fifth-scale models,” said George Bye, ATG president. “We will start building the prototype in approximately six weeks and anticipate first flight in first-quarter 2004 with FAA certification under Part 23 single-pilot operations to follow 18 months after that.”

‘Off-the-shelf Components’

Bye called this a conservative certification schedule, considering that the aircraft is basically an assembly of commercial off-the-shelf avionics and engine components surrounded by aluminum. Quipping that the “FAA knows aluminum,” Bye said the aircraft has  no composite components, minimizing the risk to certification. A retired aeronautical engineer and U.S. Air Force pilot, Bye has added experts experienced in business aircraft certifications to his team, including production manager John Daniels, who retired from Cessna after completing the Citation X certification, and Bob Newsome, test pilot and FAA designated engineering representative (DER) on the Premier I certification.

Although ATG has aspirations of selling the Javelin to the military in a homeland defense interceptor (HDI) role, according to Bye, its main target market is business aviation.