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ARI launches two joint ventures

 - June 30, 2008, 11:37 AM

Air Routing International has teamed up with Arinc and Lufthansa Technik Ag in separate ventures, the company announced. Air Routing and Arinc are offering bizjet operators “a portfolio of more than 25 flight services for business aviation under the trade name Arinc Direct,” said the Annapolis, Md. company, a datalink provider.

According to yesterday’s announcement, “Arinc Direct offers a full complement of flight information and safety applications, delivered via datalink, as well as deluxe worldwide trip planning, concierge and ground handling services, arranged through Air Routing’s global network of service offices and agents.”

According to Ed Montgomery, Arinc’s v-p of aviation and air traffic services, Arinc Direct technology is 100 percent compatible with all of today’s business jet avionics, including AFIS, Telelink and Unilink. Services include 24/7 general trip planning, fuel, catering and transportation arrangements, hotel, restaurant, golf, sports and entertainment reservations, diplomatic clearance services and international overflight and landing permits.

Part of the service is security briefings from Air Security International, which monitors security problems around the world. Available ATC messaging includes predeparture clearance, digital ATIS, North Atlantic Oceanic clearance and terminal weather information for pilots.

Lufthansa Link

Air Routing and Lufthansa Technik have signed a memorandum of understanding to offer joint services. Lufthansa will provide technical support for customers of both companies, and Air Routing will provide Lufthansa’s VIP customers with operations support, such as flight planning, airplane and passenger handling and contact with local FBOs. The service will begin with some key airports in Europe, the Middle East and North America and could be expanded to more than 250 locations worldwide.

In other news, Air Routing is hosting a delegation of executives and representatives from Shanghai Airlines, Capital Jet in Beijing and China Eastern Airlines at the convention this week. Aviation professionals are invited to meet with the delegation at Air Routing’s booth (No. 2541). The company provides aviation services at more than 40 airports in China.

The Houston, Texas-based Air Routing noted several significant changes in Chinese aviation.

•Applicants for Chinese landing permits no longer have to go through the U.S. embassy in Beijing first. China Civil Air should be contacted for landing permission.

•As of October 28, Shanghai Hongqiao/ZSSS Airport will be closed for all departing international flights, and all international flights will have to use the new Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

•The Chinese aviation market is opening up, with the exception of sensitive fields that might involve China’s defense and security, and most aviation concerns are now open for foreign investors.