NBAA Convention News

Baker widens bandwidth

 - June 30, 2008, 9:17 AM

Cabin management system specialist Baker Electronics made its presence known at NBAA yesterday with the announcement of a “new digital solution which will ease installation, simplify engineering and provide maximum bandwidth for expansion.”

The Baker MP System will offer complete digital distribution over a single databus of command and control data, entertainment audio and video sources and computer and network data. A redundant databus ensures system reliability.

“We believe the Ethernet-based system is the future,” said chairman and CEO Robert Barwick. The gigabit Ethernet backbone, he explained, is a necessity for high-quality transmission and to accommodate growing bandwidth requirements. A modular arrangement of Ethernet zones within the cabin would also increase efficiency and allow for easier integration of other cabin equipment, such as laptop computers.

Barwick emphasized that the all-digital, Ethernet-based cabin management system will not only be more reliable and provide better quality electronic transmission of information, but will eventually provide greater reliability and result in a considerable reduction in the amount and complexity of wiring.

Describing the Sarasota, Fla.-based company as relatively young and agile, Barwick said Baker is moving ahead quickly in development of the MP System and expects to come to market with a product by summer 2003.

Barwick also noted the introduction of Baker’s XM Satellite Radio. With the system installed, business aircraft passengers will be able to select from headline and business news, sports and weather, as well as more than 70 music channels. Partners in programming for XM Satellite Radio include CNN, USA Today, CNBC, Bloomberg, BBC World Service, C-SPAN and ESPN. It will be available in one-, two-, four- or eight-receiver units from a single antenna, allowing individual passengers to listen to the station of their choice without interfering with selections of other passengers.

The system is in the final stages of development in conjunction with Heads Up Technologies and can be seamlessly integrated into existing Baker cabin management systems. XM Satellite Radio will be available for installation on new aircraft by late in the fourth quarter of 2002.

Baker’s digital MP System cabin management solution and the new XM Satellite Radio system are featured at the company’s booth (No. 3953).