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Baseops and iJET team on security reporting

 - June 30, 2008, 7:34 AM

Baseops International (Booth No. 4143), a flight handling company servicing corporate and commercial aircraft throughout the world, has partnered with a travel risk management company, iJET Travel Intelligence, to provide continuously updated security and advisory information on 180 countries and 230 cities.

The customized Country Intelligence Brief “significantly enhances the value provided by Baseops when you are doing your flight planning,” said Jerry Scott, Baseops executive v-p. “This intelligence, updated around the clock, helps ensure that our clients have a safe, healthy and productive trip by better enabling them to avoid and manage possible travel interruptions.”

Information provided in the brief includes real-time security and health advisories, a country overview and detailed entry/exit requirements. Annapolis, Md.-based iJET provides this information to Baseops through its Worldcue technology platform, which tracks, monitors and communicates with travels in various countries. Regional and category specialists from intelligence, security, travel and health fields staff iJET’s around-the-clock operations center in Annapolis and continuously monitor more than 5,000 sources worldwide to help international travelers avoid or minimize travel risk and disruption.