FAA Cites Maintenance in Alaska 135 Revocation

 - August 6, 2008, 9:30 AM

On July 24, the FAA issued an emergency order of revocation to LAB Flying Service of Juneau, Alaska, effectively shutting down the 52-year-old air carrier, which served Alaskans with a fleet of Piper singles and twins, a Britten-Norman Islander and Helio Courier. The revocation order cited a number of discrepancies with LAB’s maintenance of the fleet, including failure to comply with Airworthiness Directives and required inspection items as well as improperly documented maintenance and multiple cases of FAA inspector-observed maintenance discrepancies. The order noted many deficiencies, including an attempt this past May by LAB personnel to install a fire-damaged engine on another airplane, which the FAA halted. “This attempted use of a most likely unserviceable engine,” the FAA wrote, “demonstrate[s] a callous disregard for the safety of others and an appalling lack of the care, judgment and responsibility required of a certificate holder.” No one at LAB responded to AIN’s request for a comment. LAB has appealed the revocation.