Economical, Environmentally Friendly Aircraft Disposal

 - September 24, 2008, 11:40 AM

What do you do with an airplane when you’re done flying it and no one wants to buy it? According to Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions (AELS) of Delft, Netherlands, economic factors should determine whether an owner sells or disassembles an aircraft. AELS focuses on four goals: maximizing the owner’s revenue, minimizing the burden, sustaining corporate values and minimizing environmental impact. At end of useful life, disassembling the aircraft and selling the components can earn the owner more than the whole-aircraft market value. AELS specializes in disassembling and dismantling in a quick and environmentally friendly way at the owner’s location or by ferrying the aircraft to one of AELS’s base locations. One innovative end-of-life solution AELS coordinates is finding a non-flying home for aircraft. Recently the company offered to maintenance schools all over Europe nine Fokker F27s, to be used for technician training. Aircraft not claimed by schools will be donated to museums or used for firefighter training.