NBAA Convention News

Grand Luxury Arrives in a Regional Jet

 - October 6, 2008, 2:18 PM

An interesting cross-fertilization exists between business and regional jets. The Canadair CL-600 Challenger spawned the Canadair Regional Jets. Now refurbished, VIP-configured CRJs are appearing on the market as alternatives to Gulfstreams and Globals, at much lower price points. One such conversion, CRJ200GLS (Grand Luxury Series), is on display in the static park under the banner of MAC Aircraft Sales of Portland, Maine, which is offering it for sale. MAC Aircraft Sales began the GLS project several years ago with research and analysis of the market. Flying Colours of Peterborough, Ontario, did the 16- to 18-passenger completion through its CRJ Exceliner program. Said Allyn Caruso, MAC Aircraft Sales president, “Everyone is talking about the CRJ200 conversions project; however, we are confident in our ability as a global player to lead this industry. There are no stories or excuses. We were committed to bringing a CRJ200GLS [to NBAA] and here it is.”