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Honeywell demos new Ovation Select system

 - October 6, 2008, 6:54 AM

Honeywell yesterday unveiled its new, completely redesigned Ovation Select cabin management system, a package that “seamlessly integrates entertainment and connectivity technology through a simple and intuitive passenger interface.”
Key features include a redesigned user interface to create seamless and user-friendly in-flight connectivity, whether the passenger is connected via BlackBerry, laptop, mp3 player, video-capable iPod, or is watching a movie from the high-definition Blu-ray DVD player or listening to XM Radio.

Total control of the cabin environment is accessed through icon-based, touch-screen passenger interface devices, all with a similar look and feel, whether it’s a drink-rail-mounted personal control unit or wireless handheld remote.

The 3.9-inch handheld remote is an off-the-shelf Philips Pronto with a hybrid of button and touch-screen control. The Select 200 personal control unit is a touch-screen device. It follows the familiar slide-and-touch operation used with iPods.

In addition to controlling the entertainment components, Ovation Select also puts lighting, seat, temperature, galley and window shade controls at the passenger’s fingertips.

Ovation Select is built on a 100-percent digital architecture and Ethernet backbone to reduce installation time and facilitate the standard end-to-end self-diagnostic and troubleshooting capability. It is also scalable to allow installation and use in everything from small to widebody business aircraft.

The system’s media server hosts the optional JetMap II moving map application, with high-resolution 3-D moving maps, up-to-the minute news, weather, sports and business updates. It also allows the user to select the update frequency.

At the heart of Ovation Select is the cabin interface unit (CIU). It is in essence an Ethernet switch that acts as the audio-video distribution and command and control box.

With forty-eight 10-BaseT Ethernet ports, one CIU is typically sufficient to support the majority of platforms across the business jet market. A second unit may be added.

The system was “codeveloped” with Rosen Aviation and Alto Aviation for monitors and audio.

Being demonstrated here at NBAA 2008, the cabin mockup includes Rosen nine-inch-wide screen seat monitors and 20-inch bulkhead mounted screens, all high-definition capable.

In the cabin mockup, dual Alto speakers are installed in the lighting valance and 12- by nine-inch subwoofers under each seat, ensuring an audio “sweet spot” for each seat.

According to Rob Wilson, Honeywell president of business and general aviation, the system is the answer to customer requests “to deliver an aircraft system that is as good as or better than the all-digital, high-definition systems they have in their homes and offices.”