NTSB Issues Update on S.C. Learjet 60 Crash

 - October 23, 2008, 12:08 PM

The NTSB yesterday released an update on its investigation of the Learjet 60 that crashed while taking off from the Columbia (S.C.) Metropolitan Airport just before midnight on September 19. The two crewmembers and two passengers were killed in the accident; two other passengers suffered serious injuries and have recovered. Learjet 60 N999LJ–operated by Global Exec Aviation of Long Beach, Calif.–overran Runway 11 on takeoff, coming to rest about 1,200 feet beyond the runway end. A post-crash fire substantially damaged the aircraft. According to the NTSB, tire debris and portions of airplane components were found along the 8,600-foot runway. The first piece of tire debris was located about 2,300 feet from the start of the runway. Runway surface scarring from the left and right main gear tire rims started at about the 5,200-foot mark, the NTSB revealed yesterday. The main landing gear pistons and wheel sets with the brake assemblies were found about 150 feet beyond the end of the paved runway surface, near the first set of lights. The wheel sets were found with scarcely any rubber other than tire beads. Preliminary examination of the right PW305A engine revealed a high power setting at the time of impact, the Safety Board said. Additionally, the thrust reversers were found in the retracted/stowed positions. The NTSB is continuing its investigation.