TAM Technological Center Receives EASA Approval

 - December 3, 2008, 9:55 AM

Brazilian airline TAM’s Technological Center in San Carlos, Brazil, has received EASA 145 approval to maintain the Airbus A321 and A330. TAM Technological Center is now certified to perform maintenance on the Airbus line through the A330 as well as on the Fokker 100. Brazil’s government aeronautical materials department also has approved TAM Technological Center to maintain the presidential Airbus ACJ. The EASA 145 certification covers C and D checks for any of the approved models registered in any EU country. TAM Technological Center is seeking approval from Boeing for component maintenance on Boeing types that are being added to the TAM fleet. The maintenance operation, which is being transformed into a separate business to offer third-party maintenance, is located at a 50 million-sq-ft site. In addition to aircraft maintenance, the center offers service on more than 2,000 components, from avionics to landing gear.