San Diego Ramp Event Not a Playbook Action

 - February 12, 2009, 10:10 AM

After news broke last week of the Transportation Security Administration’s unauthorized inspections of Nashville (Tenn.) Airport pilots and employees and their baggage, concern about the TSA’s plans for random screening at FBOs has grown. A TSA document called the Playbook apparently outlines the procedures for random screenings at general aviation facilities, and NBAA has expressed concerns about planned Playbook-related actions. On Tuesday, what turned out to be a law enforcement training session at San Diego Montgomery Field exacerbated the concerns about possible TSA inspections, under the guide of the Playbook. These inspectors are perceived as attempts to highlight weaknesses in general aviation security. About 15 officers from local police departments and Immigration and Customs Enforcement but none from the TSA asked to check pilot documents on the ramp at one of the Montgomery FBOs, sources told AIN. One charter operator said that none of the law enforcement personnel asked to board any airplanes, although another source reported that the officers also asked to see aircraft registration and airworthiness certificates.