First Ab Initio Pilots Enter NetJets Europe Ranks

 - February 17, 2009, 11:08 AM

NetJets Europe has introduced into its workforce the first nine new pilots to complete its ab initio training program. The pilots joined the company’s flight crew roster in November and December, having graduated from the course run for the fractional ownership provider by Oxford Aviation Training in the UK. A further 38 ab initio pilots are due to graduate this year, followed by 21 more next year. The company has indicated that it will review plans for further ab initio courses and may “adjust future intakes” in response to market conditions. “The ab initio pilots from the NetJets program at Oxford are of the highest caliber,” said NetJets director of European operations Christopher Randle. “Not only did they graduate at the top of their class, our own trainers and the simulator trainers at FlightSafety [International] have been extremely impressed with the quality of their airmanship and handling skills.” NetJets Europe started the first of the 17-month ab initio training programs in May to meet its growing need for pilots. The plan was to train up to 45 new first officers each year.