AMAC Celebrates Grand Opening in Basel

 - February 18, 2009, 11:11 AM

AMAC Aerospace officially opened for business in early February at the EuroAirport in Basel, Switzerland. The new company was founded by Heinz Koehli, former CEO of Jet Aviation. Despite the economic downturn, AMAC has been able to implement initial plans as announced a year ago and has completed an impressive 45,000-sq-ft hangar on schedule. Work has started on the interior completion of an Airbus A320 owned by a Middle Eastern government, and two more green VIP jets from Middle Eastern owners are “in the pipeline.” The company also offers maintenance and aircraft management. It holds EASA Part 145 maintenance organization approval status and is licensed to maintain the A320 and Boeing 737 series, with authorizations for other aircraft types to follow. FAA 145 approval, expected within two years, was considered secondary in the initial stage, because the company is aiming mainly at the Middle Eastern market. AMAC currently has a staff of 160 aviation specialists and intends to increase employment to a total of 250 to 300 by 2011, while adding another 90,500-sq-ft hangar.