Foam Compliance Pricey for Hangar Owners and Operators

 - April 1, 2009, 11:03 AM

In a survey of members who own or operate aircraft hangars, the National Air Transportation Association asked how new National Fire Protection Association 409 foam fire-suppression requirements would affect their businesses. According to NATA, “Forty-four percent of respondents claim that they have cancelled plans to build a hangar or have reduced hangar size because of the cost of compliance with NFPA 409. Seventy-eight percent of respondents stated that the additional cost of complying with NFPA 409, including a mandatory fire-suppression system for Group III hangars (smaller than 12,000 sq ft), would prevent member companies from constructing new hangars.” In the survey, 9 percent said there has been a hangar fire on their airport, while nearly 14 percent said their water or foam system has accidentally deployed. NATA will present these results to the NFPA standards council meeting on April 21 to try to “convince the NFPA of the detrimental impact that foam-suppression-system requirements have on aviation businesses and to explore new requirements more appropriate for Group II and III hangars.”