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ICG unveils data transceiver for Acars and FANS comm

 - May 13, 2009, 10:05 AM

International Communications Group has introduced an Iridium-based data transceiver that’s designed for sending and receiving Acars (aircraft reporting and receiving system) messages and for Link 2000/FANS communications.
When connected to an aircraft’s communications management unit, the DL-100 transceiver uses the “short-burst data” functionality of the Iridium satellite network to send Acars and other messages. Link 2000 and FANS1/A (future air navigation system) are datalinks that allow pilots and air traffic controllers to communicate via text message.

  The DL-100 unit can replace an existing high-frequency datalink or be used as an HF backup. An optional version of the DL-100 with a built-in GPS receiver provides automatic position reports.

Newport News, Virginia-based ICG (Booth No. 478) also unveiled the NxtLink CIS-100 transceiver, a product that enables connections of conventional telephones and older private analog branch exchange (PABX) phone systems with two- or four-wire audio circuits. Intended for use aboard smaller business aircraft, the unit permits up to three simultaneous phone calls, intercom calling, call transfer, conference calling and follow-on dialing. When packaged with ICG’s NxtMail Server, the unit can provide a Wi-Fi connection in the cabin.

Based on customer feedback, ICG said it has made a number of improvements to the NxtMail e-mail server launched last fall. The inclusion of an integrated Wi-Fi card will make installing the unit easier, as will the addition of an external remote antenna, the company said. The server is compatible with the Iridium and Inmarsat satellite networks and supports Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerrys and iPhones. 

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