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Jeweler tries his hand at bizjet design

 - May 13, 2009, 10:49 AM

Jeweler Patrick Mauboussin is going into partnership with Sparfell Aviation Technologies, a holding company of Masterjet, to launch Patrick Mauboussin Aircraft Design for the creation of highly personalized business aircraft.

Mauboussin is a sixth-generation jeweler and president of Mauboussin Jewelers of Paris. As an interior designer, Mauboussin is said to be working from a “flying is an art” perspective, “a philosophy of redefining the principle of flying.” He expects to work into his creations relaxing armchairs, affusion (hydrotherapy) showers, simulation of dawn, electronic noise attenuators, humidifiers and diffusers of essential oils. All five senses will be taken care of, said Mauboussin, with such therapeutic concepts as light, color and aroma therapies.

“For me, a plane is a house in the sky [and] everyone has to take pleasure in his house,” he added.

Mauboussin’s first venture into business aviation was the exterior paint design for a Masterjet A320.