DRF Luftrettung Offers EASA Helo Mx Type Ratings

 - June 10, 2009, 1:34 PM

DRF Luftrettung at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport has obtained an EASA Part 147 certificate as a training organization. The certification allows the company to hold EC 135, BK 117 and BO 105 helicopter type rating courses for aircraft technicians. “The training course takes five weeks and consists of an engine course as well as theoretical and practical training of two weeks each. In the course the setup and function of the individual parts such as the main gearbox, rotors and engine are explained and partly taken apart and reassembled,” said Werner Rödel, technical training manager of DRF Luftrettung. The first class was held last May for operators of BO 105 engines and was attended by eight CAT B1 examiners from both German and Austrian helicopter companies. The facility has 60 staff, of whom about 40 are dedicated to helicopters. DRF Luftrettung also has a non-profit sponsoring association, a foundation under public law and a non-profit corporation. Its operating budget comes from approximately 500,000 supporting members and from donors.