Engine Test Run Severely Damages Learjet

 - July 8, 2009, 10:18 AM

On June 18 a Learjet 40XR suffered severe damage at Fort Worth’s Meacham International Airport after an engine thrust control became stuck while taxiing during an engine run. According to airport manager Bill Welstead, the aircraft was throttled up while leaving Turbine Engine Specialists when the technicians noted that the engine control on the left engine was stuck. The technician stood on the brakes and locked them, causing the jet to skid for approximately 200 feet before it struck a curb, buckling the nose gear, and then another, which broke it off completely. The wayward aircraft continued up a grassy hill until its right wing hit a hangar. The engine continued to run for another 30 seconds, turning the airplane until the technicians were able finally to shut it down. The FAA is investigating the incident, and while there were no injuries the Learjet is believed to have been totaled.