NTSB Wants Changes to Learjet 60 Thrust Levers

 - July 21, 2009, 10:37 AM

The NTSB on Friday issued six recommendations stemming from the Sept. 19, 2008 overrun crash of a Learjet 60. In that accident, the Learjet 60’s pilots attempted to abort the high-speed takeoff after a tire burst, according to the Safety Board. The Learjet hit an embankment and a post-crash fire ensued, killing two crewmembers and two passengers; two remaining passengers survived but suffered severe burns. In its recommendations to the FAA, the NTSB wrote that it wants Bombardier to change the design of the Learjet 60 thrust lever system in future-manufactured airplanes so that the reverse lever positions in the cockpit match the positions of the thrust reverser mechanisms at the engines when the thrust reversers stow, as well as require operators to retrofit their Learjet 60s with these same changes. Additionally, the NTSB is asking for improved aural or visual cues on future-manufactured and in-service Learjet 60s that would allow pilots to recognize an inadvertent thrust reverser stowage. The Board also recommends that all Learjet 60 pilots receive training on recognizing an inadvertent thrust reverser stowage. The sixth recommendation calls for an evaluation of the Hawker 1000 thrust reverser controls for similar potential thrust reverser failure modes and then the implementation of any necessary changes.