PPG, Gentex Picked for King Air 350i Electric Shade

 - August 27, 2009, 11:07 AM

PPG Industries aerospace transparencies business and Gentex will be providing electrochromic window systems to Hawker Beechcraft as standard equipment for the manufacturer’s 2010 King Air 350i cabin windows. The PPG-Gentex system–dubbed Alteos–replaces the mechanical shade system, allowing passengers to control the visible light transmittance of a dimmable panel between the inboard dust cover and outboard structural cabin window. The dimmable window panel works by introduction of a mild electrical current. Depending on the strength of the current, the window changes “from a bright, clear state to nearly opaque, or to a comfortable intermediate setting,” according to PPG Aerospace general manager Tom Clark. “We are finding enthusiastic reception for Alteos interactive window systems in discussions with numerous aircraft manufacturers about how to integrate them on new and existing aircraft,” he added. “They enable aircraft interior designers to move away from pull-down and other shade systems to an advanced interactive system that complements the interior design of the airplane.” Boeing has selected the system as standard equipment for its new 787 Dreamliner.