First Winglet-equipped Citation X Delivered

 - September 1, 2009, 11:50 AM

Cessna Aircraft yesterday delivered the first Citation X retrofitted with elliptical winglets made by Wichita-based Winglet Technology. The winglets were installed at Cessna’s Wichita Citation Service Center under Winglet Technology’s FAA STC. According to Cessna, the patented elliptical winglets optimize lift distribution, which reduces drag and thereby decreases fuel consumption and increases speed and range. A Cessna spokeswoman declined to provide performance data for the winglet-equipped Citation X, saying this information will be released next month at the NBAA Convention in Orlando, Fla. However, a brochure from Winglet Technology indicates that fuel consumption is reduced by 4 to 5 percent, speed at altitude is increased by 15 knots and range is increased by 150 nm, to 3,220 nm. The winglet retrofit kit, which costs $415,000, includes flight and operations manual supplements and replaces the existing anti-collision and position light system with LED versions. Cessna said winglet installation, which includes structural modification of the Citation X wing, costs $178,000 and takes about four weeks. Plans are now under way to offer retrofit installation of the elliptical winglet STC on the Citation X at all nine Citation Service Centers in the U.S. and Europe.