Asian Airports To Promote Green Practices

 - October 7, 2009, 12:37 PM

Major Chinese, Japanese and Korean airports, members of the newly formed East Asia Airports Alliance, have signed a “Green Airport Declaration” committing to adopt a number of measures to accelerate voluntary environmental improvements in all areas of airport operations, including maintenance and line service. A spokesman for the group told AIN it has three primary areas of focus. First, it intends to build common strategies through information exchange among the members. Second, the group will disseminate information on best practices to all airport stakeholders, including airlines, concession operators, government agencies, maintenance providers and communities to encourage environmentally regulated activities. The final goal is to set up systematic approaches to heighten environmental awareness and promote day-to-day environmental responsibility. Participants include Hong Kong International Airport, Beijing Capital Airports Holding, Central Japan International Airport, Guang Dong Airport Management, Incheon International Airport, Japan Airport Terminal, Korea Airports, Narita International Airport and Shang Hai Airport Authority.