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Grey Owl’s Human-factors Course Meets PDP Goal

 - October 13, 2009, 12:12 PM

Richard Komarniski, who has for 16 years been teaching human factors and safety subjects, spoke on Monday at the NBAA IA renewal session on safety management systems (SMS). Komarniski is founder of Grey Owl Aviation Consultants, which recently signed a letter of understanding with the FAA Safety Team welcoming Grey Owl as a national industry member specializing in human factors and SMS training. NBAA’s Professional Development Program Review Committee has approved Grey Owl’s two-day human factors course “as meeting PM9 objectives in the Professional Development Program,” according to Komarniski. And Grey Owl is also accredited by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations to provide human factors and SMS workshops. “It has been a truly rewarding experience to witness the improvements in safety standards, management styles and regulatory bodies that have occurred over the past several decades in this industry, and we are proud
to be part of a safety-focused future,” Komarniski said.